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Ohio Department

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The Ohio Children of Incarcerated Parents (CIP) Initiative has built a unique partnership with the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction (ODRC) to provide programming to individuals across five ODRC institutions. Participants engage in a nine week course twice per week aimed to strengthen communication and relationships with their families. The Initiative is actively expanding this program to additional facilities throughout the state.

Past Participants Have

Shown Improvement With

Creating connections for funding

Communication Skills

Shot of a father and son spending time together outside

Conflict Resolution

Girls hugging each other

Intrapersonal Skills

Disappointed young african-american man at home

Emotional Awareness

Girls hugging each other

Emotional Expression

Teen writing in journal

Interpersonal Skills

Child walking with father

Relationship Management

Relationship Satisfaction

Relationship Satisfaction

FFY 21-23 Evaluation Summary Report OJJDP Program

Ohio CIP Initiative aims to spread awareness about CLFC’s impact to other organizations and communities across Ohio. Download our info sheets and share with the leaders of your organization to begin helping youth and adults across the state make a successful transition back to their families.

The work we do to support youth and families on the outside of correctional facilities is fortified by the work parents and family members accomplish when they’re on the inside.

Since 2017, eight ODRC institutions have implemented the cognitive behavioral program Creating Lasting Family Connections (CLFC). Through this program, incarcerated parents have shown statistically significant growth in communication, conflict resolution, intrapersonal skills, emotional awareness, emotional expression, interpersonal skills, relationship management, and relationship satisfaction.

Our ultimate goal is to implement CLFC in new facilities across multiple regions to make a statewide impact. This work prepares individuals with justice involvement for reunification with their families and equips them to continue this work in communities on the outside where CLFC has also been implemented.

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